Love Your Location But Thinking of Renovating Your House?

Do you avoid offering your house for family gatherings and hold your kids birthday parties elsewhere because your home just doesn’t have the space?

Is your home a bit shabby around the edges and is in need a facelift?

Do you love where you live but your house just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore? Has your family situation changed? Perhaps new additions, the kids leaving home, Mum or Dad moving in? Or are you now in a better position where you can make the changes you always dreamed about?

Do you have some of the common frustrations other people have when thinking about getting started on their renovation project?

1. Should we add more space with extra bedrooms, living space or outdoor entertaining areas?

2. How can we keep the house warm and dry during the winter without spending a small fortune on heating and get more light into our house?

3. Can we knock down some walls and rework the design of the house so there’s better flow within the house and create that all important indoor-outdoor flow?

4. How do we choose the right builder, architect or designer who is experienced, trustworthy and great to work with?

5. Where should we start? Do we call an architect or designer and run the risk of getting plans drawn that we can’t afford to build? Or should we contact a builder to get started?



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    Why Choose Richard Hull Builders?

    Established Building Company

    We are a well established building company with 189 years building experience in our team. We have a great track record with previous clients, but don’t take our word for it, read what others have to say about us on our testimonials page. Check out our testimonials page.

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    Renovation Specialists

    Renovations are different to new builds and require a different set of skills, matching the old with the new, knocking down walls, removal of old units, the list goes on. It is vital that you work with a renovations specialist when renovating your home to ensure you are getting expert advice. We have been specialising in renovations for over 12 years, we have overcome many challenges with renovations and have acquired a specific set of skills for specifically for renovations.


    Architectural Design Specialists

    We specialise in architectural designs. We have architects that we regularly work with, who we know and trust. The benefit of using our architect is this allows us to ensure plans are kept to a budget. Another benefit is that we can project manage the entire project, and liaise with the architect for you.

    John Bennion

    24/7 Online Access To Your Build

    One of the biggest frustrations we hear from clients about building companies is the lack of communication. We use an online system to improve communication and ensure you are always kept up to date with the progress of your project. This system will give you 24/7 access to your build. Through this online system, you are able to view the job programme, selection schedules, budget variations and also view the latest photo log.


    Great Guarantees

    To give you complete confidence during your Building project we back up our services with the Richard Hull Builders ‘Nail on the Head’ Guarantee

    Not one but two guarantees- You’re also covered by a 10 year standard Master Build guarantee

    • Completion cover: We are prepared to pay the price if your project isn’t completed by the arranged date - up to 10% of the contract price or $40,000 including GST.
    • Structural defect cover: For your Peace of Mind you are covered until the 10th year anniversary for any structural defects to your alteration or house.
    • Workmanship and materials cover: You will be protected for up to 2 years against any defects with and the workmanship or materials after.
      See our other guarantees. Click to check our Richard Hull Builders guarantees page

    nail on the head guarentee

    Success Stories

    David & Dianne Lowry's Rural Character Home


    The original part of the house is 100 years old and matching character features was very important to us. Right from our first contract with Richard we felt very comfortable with him. We found Richard to be professional,considerate, flexible, forthcoming with suggestions, and easy to get along with. He was also happy to work with our planner, Ross McMillan of McMillan Design.

    Living in a house undergoing major renovation has its moments but Richard’s guys made life as comfortable as possible and were always mindful of our needs. We got to know the crew very well over our project and can genuinely call Richard Hull Builders our friends.

    The workmanship and attention to finishing detail was exemplary and there were very few concerns to raise in the final inspection. Richard hull Builders willingness to support us and urgently follow up minor issues was great! This relationship remains ongoing several years after project completion.

    We renovated again and there was no question who we would use, Richard was the first person we called, and again had a very positive experience. We have no hesitation in recommending Richard Hull Builders to our friends and family.


    John Bennion's New Build

    John Bennion

    During construction we found Richard Hull and his personnel on site to be excellent to deal with. My wife has commented that Richard always listened to her. Any issues that arose were quickly and effectively dealt with. To give an instance of the quality of co-operation, at an early stage in the construction it became apparent that there was an error in the design drawings and that the quantity of piling was seriously understated. Richard at once said that he would not charge his margin on the extra item. The designer also contributed so that the additional cost was shared by the owner, designer and builder.

    The house was constructed to a high standard and in 2008, won two silver awards from the Waikato Registered Master Builders
    Association. It frequently attracts favourable comments from visitors.

    We have been particularly impressed by the attention Richard Hull has given to following up with us after completion of the house. He has contacted us at intervals to ensure that there are no problems and has carried out promptly the limited number of items requiring remedial work.

    It has been a pleasure working with Richard and the other staff at Richard Hull Builders and we would have no hesitation in recommending the Company to other clients.


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    Westfield $1.2 Million Dollar Extension

    Richard Hull builders were awarded three contracts for works on our recent Westfield Chartwell extension. These contracts wereThe finalised value of these works was in excess of $1.2 million. Below are comments on his performance.

    • Richard Hull personally was very good to deal with. He regularly attended site, was punctual for meetings & was very professional with all the Westfield staff, from both site & administration levels.
    • These contracts were let with very tight timeframes. Richard Hull completed all of their works within these time frames.
    • The quality of the finished works was very good & considering the tight time frames was an excellent result.
    • The personnel on site were all very competent, they understood their upcoming work load & were very well organised in completing their works.
    • The quality of the materials used was very good & the equipment required to complete the works of always the correct equipment & in excellent condition.
    • There was a lot of co-ordination required with the other trade, especially services. Richard worked in very well with all the other trades so that all the works were completed in a sequential & orderly manner.
    • Richards paper work was good, Monthly claims were submitted correctly, variations were submitted with the required backup & as a result there were very few disputes with his costs or payments.

    Richard Hull was a very good company to business with, they were very well organised. I believe this is a direct result of Richards leadership skills & attention to detail. I would look forward to working with Richard Hull builders again.



    What Are The Next Steps From Here?

    Contact us today to arrange your Get the Home You Want session (valued at $275)

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    Contact us today to arrange your Get the Home You Want session (valued at $275) with Richard Hull Managing Director of Richard Hull Builders. Richard will also organise for an architect to be there at your session at no extra cost, or if you already have one you can bring yours along.

    There is no obligation to build with us after meeting with Richard. You won’t be tied into any contracts at this stage.


    Here’s what you’ll receive before your session with Richard:

    Before you meet with Richard you’ll receive your FREE Get the Home You Want inspiration pack. Each pack filled with useful
    tips, checklists, guarantee booklets, and information specifically tailored to your individual building needs. This pack is
    designed to help you understand how we work, and allow you to make more educated building decisions.

    In your session with Richard, he’ll cover the following:

    • How we work

    Our processes and systems we have, taking you through from start to finish and how we work with you.

    • Your needs

    What you are looking to achieve with your project.

    • Timeframes

    Where to start, and how long it will take.

    • Pricing

    How the pricing works, what sort of costs you can expect and the best contract options for you.

    • Project management

    Who does what, why and when?

    • Council consents and compliances

    What consents and compliances you’ll need, and who will organise these for you.

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